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  • Sightseeing Kimono courses A. Higashiyama course(5,000 yen) : people
    B. Nene course(6,500 yen) : people
    C. Yasaka course(8,000 yen) : people
    D. Kiyomizu course(10,000 yen) : people

    Male Kimono course E. Ginkaku course(5,000 yen) : people
    F. Kinkakuji course(6,000 yen) : people

    Limited Couples course G. Kamogawa course(9,000 yen) : set

    Yukata courses H. Maruyama course(3,500 yen) : people
    I. Gion course(5,000 yen) : people

    Limited period course J.Festival course(5,000 yen) : people

    Options dressing(10,000 yen~) : people
    hair set(3,000 yen) : people
    Bringing dressing(5,000 yen) : people
    Furisode, Tomesode, Hakama dressing(5,000 yen~) : people
    Returning to Hotel(3,000 yen~) : people
    Returning to next day 15:00(1,000 yen~) : people

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