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Q & A
We have put together a FAQ.

Handling the Kimono
A large selection of Kimonos and belts will be completed by Japanese half-coats on choice also rich in variety and brand.
Free of extra charge (plan price) and cold season limited.
Same goes for men coat choice.
※Rental circumstances and maintenance
There is a fluctuation in stock: In summer time (June to September) the Japanese half-coat aren't available.
Japanese sandals (Geta) and socks (Tabi)
Wide selection with more than 100 pairs of Japanese sandals.
It is included in the plan to have the sandals and the socks. As little gift you may take home the pair of socks provided at dressing up moment.
Exception made for Kimonos for walk
Usually we provide Kimonos of fine pattern for a walk.
They are different from those used in weddings, graduation ceremonies or other celebrations.
In case of special need, please, make required inquire separately.
The front desk staff can directly take in charge your questions about.
Dressing up service
Having your own Kimono or Yukata and needing help for the dress up might be possible.
We, please, ask for a previous call inquire for the availability.
Time required
From the reception moment and Kimono selection about 20 minutes shall be needed; to dress up more 20 minutes; and the optional hair setting up more 20 minutes.
We remind that the above-mentioned time is an average. There might have waiting time caused by the affluence.
For safety reasons we advice using only rental shop accessories.

Keeping luggages
Luggages can be kept and carried back for free.
We are unable to keep valuable items or those that might get broken.
Reservations for early morning and late night
Exceeding the rental time for one extra hour will be charged of 1000yen.
Reservation can be done up to 3 days before the rental day.
※ Even in case of delayed arrival on reservation day we'll have to charge.
Please inform about time change or cancellation on the previous day by 17:00.
Previous reservation and inspection
You can reserve your favorite Kimono for 1000 yen on a separately subscription within one month before the rental day with us.
Once a last minute change may cause inconveniences, please be careful on your choice!
※ During reservation period Kimonos might be rented.
In case of unexpected loss or stain impossible to repair and prepare for reserved rental day the reservation charge will be refunded.
Bringing small items
All the care about customer private property shall be under customer responsibility including loss, damage or other.
Pregnant use
Considering physical condition changes this rental shop avoids pregnant dressing up experience.
However, if customer insist it will be on self-responsibility after clearly understand the effects and when at the rental shop will be needed to sign a written pledge.
Hair set
The hair set can also be under reservation system.
It might occur little waiting time du to affluence.
If there is a way adding the hair set on the day it will be done. ※ When exceeding the manageable number of requests we please ask for your understanding.
For us again of the hair set at the time of return
Simultaneous reservation on male hair set is possible for also 1000 yen and it obeys a fixed number.
We ask your understanding for it.
Men of hair set
Also with regard to the men of hair set we receive at 1,000 yen kimono rental and simultaneous reservation, but please note that there is a constant.
changing the dressing after the completion of the kimono
Change on Kimono after dressing up completed
According to affluence it is possible we decline the request of changing the Kimono. In case of acceptance 2000 yen shall be charged for.
dressing in bringing
We have you received to. Please confirm the stated price list.
Also small parts necessary in that case, we do not receive therefore separately rental, please use the sale goods.
Please check the belongings table concerning possessions.
sale of kimono
In our shop we will also sell, such as walking for kimono and visiting dress in addition to the yukata sale.
In addition it is also available when a sudden, such as when there is something missing in the dressing such as bringing in kimono so we also sell smalls.
reservations and cancellation
It can be booked up to the day before for normal reservation.
You can also receive it only if there is a free space even if there in the day.
In the case of cancellation also thank you so you will certainly contact please the day before.
Because You're welcome on the day cancellation of the time outside the reservation we have wait staff, please understand that we will claim the overtime fee actual cost.
Kimono of dirt, damage, for cleaning
Dirt : Usually cleaning fee With regard to the dirt in the range of wear is now, but I do not occur per irreparable dirt will charge 5,000 yen We do the cleaning price.
Corruption : burnt grilled of tobacco, crack other than sewing part, if such as perforated, 5,000 yen and we decided with the damage deposit, perfume and hair dressing, smell move in, such as cosmetics will charge 3,000 yen we decided odor removal price.
Also fixtures, damage such as accessories, has received a separate charge concerning lost.
Perfumes for such
Please do not use for such as perfume and smell of tight cosmetics.
If the kimono smell has moved in, please note that you will be asked to pay 3,000 yen as odor removal price.
cold weather measures, such as winter
Women in our shop, we have rented a coat men both. In our shop We will lend you for free because they are included in the plan such as the length coat, men coat.
Also things better had you available as cold measures on your own, the wear of the inner and spats that love of the neck, we recommend that if you bring such as Cairo.
price and plan content
Our shop is basically With regard to the kimono of the plan rather than the fee that difficult to understand that we are positive in such option, as elsewhere, the cost of a rental even if you choose which handle Dono band any accessories in the over-the-counter at a flat rate you can rent.
※However, the type of kimono is another. (Example: such as changing a stroll for the kimono to yukata) hair set and hotels return, separately is etc. overtime reservation.
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